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Adjustable Leather Skipping Rope

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Adjustable Leather Skipping Ropes With Wooden Handle

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  • Adjustable Leather Skipping Ropes With Wooden Handle
  • Adjustable Leather Skipping Ropes With Wooden Handle
  • Adjustable Leather Skipping Ropes With Wooden Handle
  • how to adjust skipping rope size

Quick Overview

Adjustable Length
Ball bearing inserted
Length:  8, 9 and 10 ft Rope length (It is optional, User can buy any size 8ft or 9ft or 10ft)
Rope diameter: 7mm
wooden handle
100% pure Leather rope
Weights are inserted into the handles Handle (It is optional, User can buy with/without weights)


Our Leather Skipping ropes gives excellent momentum during swinging
Precision Ball bearings give smooth and precise floating movements and faster rope spin.
8 ft, 9 ft and 10ft length 100% leather rope NEW ADJUSTABLE can be cut down to any size
Exactly designed handles fits with the natural movement of Your hands. Handles shapes provide maximize efficiency and control.
weight handle ensures more workout for the user and requires more effort to get into motion and to continue the swing.  
Comfortable grip handles, pleasant wooden Finish and round Edges give additional safety.  
Our Leather ropes are ideal for every Professional.

Leather skipping rope Keep momentum better that's why  More than 90% Boxers and professional Athletes like Heavy leather rope. Leather jump ropes improve their cardiovascular ability, muscle fitness and endurance.


Size it up exactly before start skipping. Rope size can be shorter or longer. Skipping Ropes Standard lengths is 9 ft. If You purchase fixed size skipping ropes, then please purchase exact size according to Your height. If You have adjustable skipping rope then You can cut down to any size. 
To properly size your skipping ropes, hold the handles and stand on the middle of the rope. Your hands should come up to your pectoral muscles.




leather skipping rope


Leather ropes hurt when they hit your legs. Beginners should exercise with cotton skipping ropes, especially if you want learn new tricks.
You may get tripped by the rope, be sure to jump where the landing is soft enough that you probably won't get hurt.
Choose an open area to jump rope and be aware of who and what is around you to avoid whipping someone.
Be careful when you are doing things like the criss-cross trick mentioned above.
it is advised to school children to not use leather skipping ropes. 
Before staring with heavy or leather skipping ropes, please concern with your personal trainer.

Skipping Ropes Specifications

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