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Useful steps for skipping

Adjustment of Size

When you select a jumprope, you first need to size it up properly. You may have to shorten the cord. Most
jumpropes come in lengths of 9 ft, which will accomodate most heights up to 6ft 2in. If you are shorter than
that, all jumpropes have a cord which may be cut down to size by undoing the handle, cutting, and reattaching
the handle. To properly size your jumprope, hold the handles and stand on the middle of the rope.
Your hands should come up to your pectoral muscles.


Useful Steps for individual Jumper

Choose a rope suitable to your size. With the rope folded in half, it should reach up nearly to your shoulders.
It also helps if the rope isn't too light
Take the jump rope by its ends, or the handles, one handle for each hand.
Put the jump rope behind your bum and let the loop hang behind your crotch.
Throw the jump rope over your head and when it meets your feet,
jump over it using your ankles which also you are going forward.
A lot of people make the mistake of bending their knees because it is easier for them.
While easier, it is less beneficial, incorrect, and will mess up your timing.
Repeat and see how long you can do it without messing up. As you practice, you will get better at timing.
It might help to do a small hop in between jumps, count jumps, or chant a verse. As you learn to move the rope faster,
the in-between hop will become unnecessary.


Useful Steps for Group.

Choose a longer rope. With the turners a comfortable distance apart, it should still go over the head of the jumper easily.
To get started, stand between the turners. Face one of them and place the rope to the right or left of your feet.
Have them throw the rope over your head, and jump when it reaches your other side. Get the rhythm of this
jumping before moving on.
Try running into the turning rope. It takes some timing, but it can be done. If you would like to try a trick,
think of it before you run in.
Tell the turners what you want them to do, so that they will know instead of messing you up. Run into the rope first,
and jump for a few turns to get the rhythm, then move on to the trick.
Try running back out of the rope to give somebody else a turn. Take the next step and try double dutch,
with two ropes turning in opposite directions


Try some tricks. When you get better at jumping rope forwards, try going backwards.
Start with the rope in front of your feet and throw it over your head to the back. Jump over it when it reaches your feet again.
Try crossing your arms in front of you and then do some jumps. Also known as the "Criss-Cross" trick. It takes practice with the timing,
but you can get to where you alternate between crossed and uncrossed. If you're having a hard time, ask someone else to show you how to do it.
Attempt the "Side-swing". This is a trick which consists of folding the rope in half, then holding it with one or both hands and swinging it.
Do several tricks together. If you're feeling adventurous, you might like to try making up a routine using one or two tricks.


  • A speed rope swung very fast can sting. Start very slowly.
  • You may get tripped by the rope, be sure to jump where the landing is soft enough that you probably won't get hurt.
  • Choose an open area to jump rope and be aware of who and what is around you to avoid whipping someone.
  • Be careful when you are doing things like the criss-cross trick mentioned above.
  • The plastic-bead like jump-ropes hurt if you make a mistake and you whip yourself, so start out slow!



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