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8/25/12 - Mr. Carlos

adjustable skipping ropes

Model 6072  (Wooden Handle with/ without weight) Very good product that would work well with the IROPE customers for indoor shorter workouts.  It is adjustable.

The Irope Fitness Programs

7/15/12 - Mr. Carlos

Model 6608 (Black plastic handle):  Excellent entry or mid-level rope.  This rope is very comfortable and would probably be the rope of choice for most beginner and intermediate users.  

Mr. Carlos

The Irope Fittness Program

6/15/12 - Carlos

I found this model to be an excellent addition to a high end line of jump ropes that could be used for shorter workouts.  The handles can get slippery when wet. The leather cord would be sufficient for shorter indoor/outdoor workouts.

Mr. Carlos from 


5/22/12 - The Irope Fitness Programs

skipping ropes

Model 6004 (Weighted wood handle)  Excellent all around product; Most IROPE customers would like this rope with the option of easily changing the rope material and adjusting the length.

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