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Types of skipping ropes


Leather Jump Rope

Color Coated Leather 


Natural Leather


Leather ropes are available in two finishes, Colored coated leather and Natural Leather. The leather skipping ropes are heavier then other ropes. Usually leather ropes have ball bearing funtions which gives smooth and precise floating movements and faster rope spin . Mostly leather ropes come with wooden handle weighted handle. Users can insert or remove the weight from handles. Leather ropes  twist less than the PVC ropes. Mostly Boxers and professional Athlets use these Leather skipping ropes give excellent momentum and perfect for indoor and out door skipping.




Wire Skipping Ropes

Wire ropes are most durable skipping ropes. Wire ropes are made with stainless steel wires and plastic coaded on that. Wire ropes come with stainless and wooden handles. These type of skipping ropes are perfect for out door, can be use an any surface.  




PVC Skipping Ropes

PVC Ropes are strong and lightweight and comes with many colors. PVC ropes can be easily turn at high speeds. PVC skipping ropes are also called speed ropes. these type of ropes are suitable for all skill levels.






Cotton Skipping Ropes

White Color Cotton Ropes


Multicolor Cotton Ropes


Cotton or cloths skipping ropes are very soft and suitable for beginner. Cotton ropes are recommended for every beginner specially for those who try to learn new tricks. 





Nylon Skipping Ropes

Nylon ropes are hard and extremly durable, Nylon ropes get tangle. Nylon ropes are lighweight and available in many colors.

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